Proposed Plan


The area to be re-designed was the Rock Bank, described as "neither one thing nor the other at the moment." The clients wished to retain the old stone steps that run through the middle combined with a flow of plants that can "show off" to an observer walking down the steps or looking up at the bank. The scheme was to have year round interest in particular in Autumn.

It was made clear that a water feature was not wanted here – even though rock gardens often have them, and it was suggested maybe the planting could in some way evoke water? By adding in a new path, in materials to match the existing bricks and stone, through one of the beds and an intimate seating area from which to enjoy the planting on the bank as well as the views out of the garden it would be easier to enjoy the Rock Banks new planting.

Topiarised shrubs to give the impression of rocks as well as local Kentish Ragtone boulders would create the structure and swathes of grasses and herbaceous perennials repeated at intervals down the bank would evoke water.

 “Chloe has researched the house and garden really well and on the back of that designed a very aesthetically coherent scheme. The planting is simple but sophisticated.” RL